Thoughts going out to Daniel Jerome and Cierra Lauren

Daniel is a choreographer and dancer (1, 2) from Chapter1ne and Art Of Movement Crew, and a friend of Mos Wanted Crew (especially Brian). 

The other day he got into a dangerous car accident with his girlfriend, where the car rolled over twice and slid for a quarter of a mile at 70mph. I’m so glad they’re at least alive and physically stable. I just hope Daniel isn’t too hard on himself, and that they’ll be able to cope in the next few days, even after such a horrible experience.

His tweets have been really sad and disheartening. Please tweet him some words of encouragement (@iDanielJerome & @CierraLauren) and reblog/like this if you can, to show your support! He’s in a really terrible state :(

You’re not a bad person, Daniel. Don’t think like that. Everyone came out alive and that’s what matters the most.

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  6. fuckyeahianeastwood said: I can relate to that because I lost two.of my cousins to a car accident one in 2010 & 2012.. I hate when people drive crazy.. but happy that there both safe and survived :) they both someone that inspires me.. :)
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